Boston Tech Events

Tech events put on by Boston Software Engineers create an environment conducive to learning and networking by bringing the best speakers to talk on topics related to engineering best practices, principles, and experimental technologies. Boston has some of the smartest engineers, and some of the most esteemed educational institutions in the world. Our events always theme on the latest technologies solving the planet's grand challenges with speakers that are well known in their respective fields. Whether it is a panel, TED style talk, debate, or job fair our events will bring the most educated people with the most interesting topics possible.

Boston Software Engineers

Our community organization Boston Software Engineers is dedicated to education and bringing engineers together in the greater Boston area. Whether you're a new engineer or a learned scholar in the field of computer science we have events for everyone. The focus of the group is educating engineers about best practices, principles, and experimental technologies. Our regular events bring together the best and brightest from around Boston to commiserate on new and exciting technologies, software languages like Ruby on Rails, concepts like programming life systems, and some of the most intellectual events around engineering in the Boston area. Join and expect the unexpected.

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